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Nevada GOP Responds to Oklahoma Committeewoman’s Attack on Platform

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May 10, 2014

Updated 10pm May 10, 2014

In a story that is generating national attention, including coverage already by both the Washington Times and NewsMax, the Nevada Republican Party’s delegation to the Republican National Committee (RNC) forcefully responded on Friday to a stinging attack recently launched against our party’s recently-adopted platform by a fellow RNC member.

Shortly after the conclusion of our convention and adoption of our platform in Las Vegas on April 12-13, Carolyn L. McLarty, DVM - Republican National Committeewoman for Oklahoma and Chairman of the RNC’s Resolutions Committee - sent out the following email to a little over a hundred hand-selected RNC members without even the courtesy of copying the Nevada Republican Party chairman:

The Nevada GOP action to remove marriage and life from their platform is a disgrace.  The move does nothing to unify the Republican Party.  Republicans will continue to lose elections if we can’t even stand for protecting the most vulnerable lives among us; or for keeping sacred five thousand plus years of natural human sexuality.  Both are direct attacks on God and the family.

They are symptoms of the infiltration of the Republican Party by those who really want to destroy it.

To combat this insidious movement, we need to be alert to the tactics and help each other stand firm against it.

If you see any of our State Parties rolling off in this direction please scream out for reinforcements.  Within this group, I believe we can raise money, mobilize troops, use media platforms, employ like-minded organizations, and raise the awareness and support to stop this death spiral.

A “disgrace”?  An “attack on God and family”?  As the saying goes, “them’s fightin’ words.”

So at the RNC meeting in Memphis, Tennessee on Friday, Nevada Republican National Committeewoman Diana Orrock delivered an abbreviated version of the following response as her report to the attendees of the Western Regional Breakfast. The following is the full response that was sent to the original 102 recipients of the letter written by Committeewoman McLarty.

The Nevada delegation to the RNC was recently copied on a harshly worded and accusatory email from Oklahoma Committeewoman McLarty on the subject of the Nevada Republican Party abandoning traditional principles. We were offended that the Committeewoman would send such a letter without even getting her facts correct.

The delegates to the Nevada Republican Convention in April were elected by their fellow Republicans to represent the voice of Republicans in their counties. These delegates are active in politics in our State and they reflect the pulse of the voters in Nevada.

The removal of two social issues from our platform does not mean that “we” as individual people are “for” gay marriage or “for” abortion. The removal of these planks recognizes the inappropriateness of the existence of these planks in our platform in the first place. We disagree with Committeewoman McLarty where she said "They are symptoms of the infiltration of the Republican Party by those who really want to destroy it.”

The committeewoman has no right to judge the actions of the Nevada delegation, or insinuate that our delegates are insurgents when they have a long history of being active in our party. The actions of our delegates were far from “disgraceful” or “insidious”, and we find her judgment of our delegation wholly inappropriate. The position of the Nevada Republican Party does not impact Oklahoma and neither the Committeewoman nor the RNC have any governance over the will of the Nevada delegation when it comes to the content of the Nevada state platform.

Nevada is home to many diverse people, including a very large LGBT population. The GOP is by definition a party of inclusion not exclusion. If we as a political party continue to exclude Americans that agree with our core principles of freedom and limited government, how can we expect to attract new candidates or continue to get quality Republican candidates elected?

Excluding an entire group of American citizens based solely on their sexual preference toward the same gender is not only divisive but in the 21st century it is unacceptable.

The Nevada convention delegates recognized that the inclusion of divisive social issues has no place in our platform, and that an insistence on emphasizing divisiveness will do nothing more than guarantee that we’ll continue to lose elections and never be in a position to support our core principles of freedom and limited government.

The Committeewoman chose to bring God into the discussion by boldly pontificating about the alleged “attack on God and family” by the Nevada GOP. We are insulted by this accusation. Most of our delegates have deep spiritual beliefs. Our state party Chairman, for example, was born and raised as a devout Roman Catholic. Because of his upbringing, our chairman is well versed in the teachings of the Church. For Committeewoman McLarty to assert her personal interpretation on an age old theological question by means of Bible scripture and ideology is antiquated and intolerable. Our chairman is a cradle Catholic with an unshakable love and respect for God, the Church and the teachings of the Catholic Religion. That said, he is also aware that people are fallible - we are not without sin and it is not his place as the Chairman of the Nevada Republican Party to judge another person on their lifestyle of choice. That judgment is up to the God that the Committeewoman so willingly invoked.

Our goal as Republicans is to have less Government intrusion in our lives, and having our platform reflect that is commendable. Nevada is leading a charge to focus our party on core principles which are shared by a majority of Americans, including the new generation of voters that is looking to us for leadership on the issue of limited government and personal freedom. We as Republicans can choose to become more relevant to this generation of new voters or we can continue down a path of exclusion and continue to lose elections as a result.

There is no reason "to raise money, mobilize troops, use media platforms, employ like-minded organizations, and raise the awareness and support to stop this death spiral.” Every state is entitled to create its own platform without pressure from outside groups of people that see fit to stifle the freedom of speech that every American is entitled to by way of our Constitution. This concept is one that should be carefully considered by individuals that would use the Republican platform to intrude on the freedoms of any American citizen. Any resources that we spend continuing to push divisive issues will reduce the resources we need for the real fight of electing Republicans that will advocate for our core principles.

Nevada is nicknamed the Battle Born state because we obtained statehood during the Civil War, the most divisive period of time in our nation’s history.  Ever since, Nevadans have been proud of our live-and-let-live frontier attitude and reverence for individual freedom and liberty. The Nevada Republican Party welcomes all Nevadans who share our belief in limited government, economic freedom and fiscal responsibility.


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